Camp, Fish, Boat, or Hunt at the Farm!

Outdoor Access

We've partnered with "Outdoor Access"

26 acres on Lake Manassas ready for you and your family to enjoy!  Aside of a great urban archery listing, it also offers fishing, camping, kayaking and canoeing all at a location that's hard to beat in NOVA. And of course it's a great opportunity for everyone to experience llamas, a donkey, and well... lots of goats!  

For Camping, there are fire rings, potable water, and toilet available. Follow marked trail on the map to access camping sites, you will need to pass through gates of the livestock pens to get there - verify that the gates are locked behind you. For Boating and Fishing you can walk your  small craft down to the shore and launch it from a gently graded bank. 

Hunting- There is one stand in place on the north side of the property and others that the LO will be putting back up. LO also shares turkeys frequent the property as well. With the sloping terrain and draws, there are good ground blind setup locations in overwatch positions. The landowner appreciates safe hunters helping manage deer that can bring unwelcome parasites and disease to their livestock! And check this out, the Landowner will offer no cost rentals when you present them with a warm carcass of a fox or coyote.

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