Goat or Soap

Interested in starting a Fundraiser?

Here, at Little Goat Farm At The Lake, we believe in helping people. There are so many wonderful causes and groups out there needing support to make a difference. 

We think your cause is very important and we would like to help you reach your financial goals. To that end, we have developed a fundraiser program, which has helped dozen of groups raise the funds for their various projects. 

If you're looking to raise funds for your charity, group event, or another cause entirely, we've got a wonderful and unique fundraising program available: Goat or Soap

We regularly contribute to the success of our fundraisers whether it is through our goats or our soaps. 

  • Soap Fundraisers

We believe our soaps make a wonderful fundraiser because they are very appealing to a wide range of people. After all, everyone needs soap! A lot of people buy it for gifts or even gift baskets. It sells quickly, and people keep coming back for more because it makes their skin feel so good! Personally, it’s the ONLY natural soap (and I’ve tried them all) that doesn’t dry out my skin."

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  • Goat event Fundraisers

All year long, our cute little goats are requested for fundraising projects that take place either at our farm or in the Washington area.

Here are the types of event they have been attending:
- sports events (Goat Yoga, Goat Parkour...)

- school events

- street fairs

- religious events

- private events (restaurants, reception venue, breweries...)

We believe working with our Farm has already been the success key of numerous fundraising events. Why not yours? After all, who could possibly resist to something as cute as our little goats?

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Maximize your profit

With our Goat or Soap program, we make it simple: 


How wonderful is that?